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We all know that data is collected on us right? It’s no secret that companies are collecting more and more data on us every day but have you ever wondered what happens to all the data you give away online?

Well in order to show you that ad at exactly the right time for the perfect blanket just as it starts raining or the video that tells you precisely what you needed to know when you opened the app it takes a lot of data and a deep understanding of you as an individual to pull it all off.

The problem is that most of us don’t really understand the full extent of all the data that is collected on us and might use the internet differently if we did. Subject Zero is an attempt to highlight the trail of information that we leave behind as we venture through the internet. Every like, swipe and caption is categorised, stored and added to your profile. Every app you download and cookie that you accept becomes a parasite that lives off your online presence and feeds your data back to the mothership.

The goal of this project is not to alarm anyone but to help you understand exactly what it is that you are giving in exchange for free products and services online. By understanding the extent of the data you’re sharing, you can make better decisions about your online privacy and take back control!

Let’s take a look at a real example.